Growth Ability Assessment

Assess your venture's ability to grow

Growth Ability Assessment

Leapforce's Growth Ability Assessment is a growth scan intended for Private Equity Ventures. The Venture's ability to grow, driven by a proper digital sales and marketing system, is assessed. What risks, opportunities and quick wins do we see with regards to the online marketing efforts, sales funnel, CRM and other digital marketing tooling? Is everything well in place to support the objectives to grow? These are questions which will be answered during the assessment. Beneath are the steps we take from start to end.

Step 1. Current status

First, the current state of the digital sales and marketing process in the company is assessed. 3 key questions are important.

1. How well (state of the art), scalable and digitally is the company organized?

2. How digitally driven is the sales process and how smartly is the sales funnel filled (lead qualification, pricing, prospecting, etc.)?

3. How does the company's digital commercial proposition compare to that of the competition?


How do we technically asses the company's current state?

Assessment of all company software and processes which enable growth (from lead generation to deal making and digital traction) on the digital front-end and back-end. Our process and software criteria are: digital readiness, level of automation, robustness, accuracy, integration, single source of data, timeliness, security, performance, access and competitiveness.


Website, social media, content marketing, mailings, ads, campaigns


CRM, proposal automation, ERP-connections, stand alone files (e.g. excel databases), reporting


Step 2. Where do we want to be?

In step 1 we have gathered all the necessary information. In step 2 we are going to align this information with the venture's goals. There are numerous well-integrated software solutions to choose from that facilitate ambitious growth. With our knowledge of these solutions and the existing software which is already in place, we can choose those that fit the business best. But most importantly we look at how it should be organized, used and managed.

Step 3. Marching plan

Step 1 and 2 come together to form a marching plan. This is a high-level, step-by-step, phased and prioritized plan with a budget indication to get from the current, to the desired state.


Lead time: 1-3 weeks

Average Price: 3995 euros ex VAT