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Leapforce LinkedIn Lookup App

Improve data quality, increase efficiency, and quickly qualify leads.

1. Automatic LinkedIn Profile Matching

LinkedIn profiles are automatically matched using HubSpot contact data such as first name, last name, and company name. The relevant LinkedIn profile URL is then added to a HubSpot contact property for all new contacts created in HubSpot.

2. Quick Lead Qualification

Efficiently qualify leads by accessing LinkedIn profile information directly from HubSpot. This enables faster and more accurate lead qualification, enhancing your marketing and sales efforts. Your sales team will be more productive with quick and easy access to LinkedIn profiles directly within HubSpot, streamlining their workflow and improving overall efficiency.

3. No LinkedIn Sales Navigator Seat Needed

Unlike the native LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, no Sales Navigator seat is required. The LinkedIn profile information will be added to the HubSpot contact property and visible across the entire HubSpot environment.

Choose the solution that fits your organization

01 Try it for free
  • Credits: Perform up to 10 manual lookups to fetch LinkedIn profile URLs.
  • Data Enrichment: Automatically enrich HubSpot contact data by adding LinkedIn profile URLs with a click.
  • Ideal for: Small businesses and startups wanting to explore the basic functions of the LinkedIn Lookup app.
  • Installation: Click here [insert marketplace link] for direct installation or find LinkedIn Lookup in the HubSpot Marketplace.
02 Get full access for €89 per month
  • Credits: Enjoy 500 credits per day for comprehensive automatic enrichment of LinkedIn profile URLs for all new contacts created in HubSpot.
  • Data Enrichment: Daily automatic updates to add LinkedIn profile URLs to new contact records in HubSpot.
  • Ideal for: Small, Medium, and large businesses that use HubSpot for contact management.
  • Cost: €89 per month, billed annually. Prices exclude VAT.
  • Installation: Fill out the form below to request a plus subscription to the LinkedIn Lookup app. Select "Plus Subscription" and provide the required information.
03 Enrich existing contacts in HubSpot with our add-on service
  • Data Enrichment: Existing contacts in HubSpot are enriched retroactively with LinkedIn profile URLs. This is a one-time enrichment service.
  • Ideal for: Companies with a substantial HubSpot database that requires improved data quality.
  • Cost: €500 (excluding VAT) for enriching the first 10,000 contacts. This service is only available as an add-on to the full version of the LinkedIn Lookup app.
  • Installation: Request one-time enrichment via the form below.

Want to learn more about the LinkedIn Lookup App?

Check out our installation guide and FAQ page for detailed instructions on installation, usage tips, and answers to frequently asked questions. Or watch the quick demo video below.

Application form for the LinkedIn Lookup App